Premier Medical Services has qualified Pharmacist with a wealth of experience. Our primary objective is to ensure that patients experience safe medication use.

Beyond that purpose, however, the role of our pharmacists includes a broad range of duties with the ultimate goal of providing quality care during an in-patient and out-patient stay, ensuring a seamless transition of care, and reducing the number of medication errors.


Our Pharmacists consult on diagnosis, examine patient charts, conduct patient evaluations to recommend a course of treatment, and choose the appropriate dosing of medications and evaluate their effectiveness.

In Premier Medical Services, Pharmacists are more involved with direct patient care which in turn improve our patients outcome.

Our Physicians may order a drug therapy, but it may not be administered until the pharmacist does a safety check.


Our Pharmacist communicates with the nursing and physician team about a dose adjustment . They also suggest proactive changes based on evidence instead of reactive changes later that will unnecessarily extend a patient’s hospital stay.

For patients with chronic conditions, our pharmacists collaborates with physicians to manage disease states such as hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mainly through patient education and counselling, drug safety management, medication review, monitoring and reconciliation, detection and control of specific risk factors, and outcomes.

These interactions show the value of the Pharmacy as part of Premier Medical Services care team as well as emphasis placed on the safety of our patients.

Transition of care

Medication management has many gaps that, if not closed, could result in an adverse event for patients. Those gaps become more noticeable—and potentially more life threatening—during a transition of care of our patients from our facility to home, our Pharmacists coordinate post-discharge care to prevent adverse events.

At discharge, our Pharmacists ensures there is an accurate and updated medication list communicated with patients and their providers.